Machine for apple picking

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The machines for harvesting fruits with transporting belts from series TECNOFRUIT represent the most modern and technically advanced system for for harvesting fruits . They can be cared for by staff with less experience because they are designed for simple and practical operations.The machines from the series TECNOFRUIT can be used for different tasks throughout the year : in addition to the harvest, they are ideal for summer and winter pruning, as well as installation and maintenance of anti-hail grids . In short, they are ideal for fruit growers, seeking a stable multifunctional machine. Extensive standart equipment and the series of effective accessories allow the machines of series TECNOFRUIT to adapt to the special needs of each producer of fruits. The various advantages of the machines of series TECNOFRUIT are the result of many years of experience in the field, much research and last, but not least, suddestions of the fruit growers. All this is done using the most advanced 3D software and the implementation of high-precision production cycles. All models can be equipped with TIER 4 diesel engines, the most powerfull engines which can be used in the segment in terms of reducing noise and emissions. On the other hand, they provide the highest fuel efficiency. All machines of the series TECNOFRUIT are approved by the EU. The new research to improve them, along with the reputation of their performance and safety, ensure the most modern machinery for modern fruit producers.
Labor costs at harvest can be reduced by about 15 000 euro for every 10 hectares (as shown in the diagram) because of the smaller number of workers needed during the harvest, a higher level of productivity for one worker compared to the traditional methods of picking, and the reduction of waste. All this, together with the low costs of operation, allows a very short period of depreciation. Productivity
Collecting fruits of the whole tree at a time (in order to achieve the same quality), the direct transport of the fruits to the containers, the fact that the workers are not too tired at the harvest, are just some of the things, that contribute to higher productivity.