material mm
black sheet of metal 1,2; 1,5; 1,8; 2
galvanized steel 1,2; 1,5; 1,8; 2
hot galvanized steel 1,35; 1,65; 1,85; 2

Metal poles

Magnesium galvanized poles
It is a new remarkable metal coating, made of zinc, aluminum and magnesium through a galvanization process in a bath of molten metal, characterized by a certain chemical composition, with a variable percent of aluminum and magnesium.
U – shaped loop /earlap/
The remarkable features of this material are:
- Increased corrosion resistance by significantly reducing the thickness of the weight of the coating thanks to the magnesium that creates a stable barrier even in the hardest to reach places.
- Protection of the cutting edges thanks to the thin protective layer. Significant reduce of costs, as it represents a real alternative to expensive finishes at the galvanizing process.
- Concern for the environment : it is an environmentally friendly process, since there is less utilization of zinc / important for reducing the uptake of zinc in the soil /.

Magnesium poles Magnesium poles