material mm
black sheet of metal 1,2; 1,5; 1,8; 2
galvanized steel 1,2; 1,5; 1,8; 2
hot galvanized steel 1,35; 1,65; 1,85; 2

Metal poles

Technical specification
Standard lenght - 3m
On your request, various lenghts.
Since their estimate takes into account the needs of modern mechanization, it is possible to have poles with :
U - shaped grip for automatic release of the wires
N – shaped grip that prevents accidental disconnecting of the wires
H - shaped grip, which makes the assembly of the side wires easier
Suspention elements follow the profile of the pole, so it is not damaged from the machines that collect the grape or other machines commonly used in the field.

Hot galvanized steel Magnesium galvanized poles